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Where should I honeymoon in Egypt?

If you're planning a honeymoon in Egypt, you're going to fall in love with it. Honeymooners can take a boat down the Nile, scuba dive in Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh, or visit the Valley of the Kings. All of these honeymoon destinations can be booked on Tripidays Egypt tours.

Imagine a fantasy mixture of history and civilization with urban development, the sea and the desert, the Nile and nature, temples, museums, and royal palaces decorated in colorful! It's as if you're in the Pharaonic era, but you're in 2021.

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Top Places to Spend your Romantic Honeymoon in Egypt:

Sahl Hasheesh

One of Egypt's best honeymoon destinations, this bay resort is only 18 miles from Hurghada. On top of that, its resorts offer everything a honeymooner might want: private pool rooms, stunning beaches, and various water sports.

Consider the Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh Hotel or the Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh if you're seeking a honeymoon hotel.

sahl hasheesh

El Gouna

One of Egypt's most beautiful places is El Gouna. Your honeymoon in Egypt can be made memorable by renting a private villa that has a view of the sea as well as a private pool on its property. In the evenings, El Gouna springs to life with parties, concerts, and other events that keep you entertained throughout the night.

el gouna

Luxor and Aswan

Consider Luxor and Aswan for a unique honeymoon experience. Luxor and Aswan have some of Egypt's most remarkable monuments and sights. As a cultural experience, it can be enhanced by the serenity and tranquility of a Nile cruise.

Including its laid-back concerts and activities, El Nuba in Aswan will make your honeymoon unforgettable.

luxor and aswan

Marsa Allam

For a quiet area with beautiful beaches, look no further. While island hopping, you can swim with dolphins in crystal-clear waters. However, while the days are fantastic in Mars Allam, the nights can be a bit silent.

marsa allam


Siwa isn't your typical honeymoon destination, but one of Egypt's most beautiful and untouched areas. Hot springs and salt lakes abound. The majority of accommodation in Siwa is ecolodges, but for a romantic getaway or honeymoon destination, you could stay at Adrere Amellal, one of Egypt's most incredible hotels. It's even more romantic with candlelight because there's no electricity.

Siwa will be your favorite destination for a quiet and romantic honeymoon if you want to get away from the industrial places that are crowded with tourists and see the western desert of Egypt to enjoy the awesomeness of nature.



A more boho-style destination, Dahab still offers the best experiences and relaxing feel every honeymooner needs, complemented by incredible views. Swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports are accessible in Dahab and will make your honeymoon memorable.

However, there are a few high-end Dahab resorts that will provide you with the service and amenities you need for a romantic getaway. Please look at hotels like the Movenpick, Swiss Inn, and Tirana in Dahab, all of which have private beaches.



The Gulf of Aqaba, located between Egypt and Israel, will be one of Egypt's most fabulous honeymoon destinations in 2021. For your honeymoon, Taba offers various exciting activities, including a trip to Castle Zaman and a visit to a salt cave.


Sharm El Sheikh

Coral reefs and marine life are abundant at Sharm El Sheikh, making it an ideal honeymoon destination in Egypt. However, Sharm El Sheikh still has everything you can desire, from heavenly beaches to exciting activities to delicious cuisine. Resorts can provide a more opulent setting, giving you that honeymoon feeling.

sharm el sheikh


Hurghada has some of Egypt's best beaches because of its crystal clear waters. A honeymoon in Egypt that involves a perspective of the seas and water activities is a great way to spend your time together.



Nuweiba is not suitable for all honeymooners, as it consists primarily of camping. A honeymoon in a hut and under the stars, on the other hand, doesn't sound like a romantic honeymoon destination to me? Basata, Nuweiba Lodge, and Habiba Beach Lodge, to name just a few, are just a few of the many camps to choose from.


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