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ancient egyptians vs sea people

Battle of Djahy

May . 10 . 2022

Thousands of years ago, there were warrior people of unknown origin and raiders’ nature; they were called Sea Peoples; they conquered the lands with strong military skills, targeting the Mediterranean area using their privilege on the Sea. They... [Read More]

the mamluks and mohamed ali

Salah El-Din Citadel

Apr . 19 . 2022

Throughout the ages and under different reigns, Cairo was the ideal place to build monuments. That's why you can find everywhere in Cairo constructions witnessing various eras lived there. One of Cairo's top attractions is Salah El Din Citadel that... [Read More]

valley of the kings discovered

Valley Of The Kings

Apr . 06 . 2022

The ancient Egyptians had strong beliefs in the afterlife; they did everything to ensure that the deceased "Rests in luxury" and prepared for the next world. At first, they went with the basic idea of Mastaba, which evolved to the idea of the fancy... [Read More]

temple of derr description

Temple of Derr

Mar . 17 . 2022

One of the temples that the Great King Ramses II built was the Temple of Derr, located in Nubia. Ramses II was known for his buildings and battles; one of the lands he conquered was Nubia, where the Temple of Derr was located with other temples he... [Read More]

nearby temple of dakka lake nasser

Temple of Dakka

Mar . 15 . 2022

One of the temples that were moved to the Wadi El-Sebua site is the Temple of Dakka. After the construction of the High Dam of Aswan, many temples were in danger of being submerged by the water of the Nile. With the help of UNESCO, the government... [Read More]

colossi of memnon facts

Colossi Of Memnon

Mar . 13 . 2022

If you have been to Luxor before, you are probably familiar with the two magnificent statues of King Amenhotep III that sit on the West Bank of Luxor. If you haven’t, then let us tell you about one of Luxor’s main attractions and the mysterious... [Read More]

battle of kadesh

Battle of Kadesh

Feb . 15 . 2022

-The battle of Kadesh occurred between King of Egypt Ramses the Great forces, and the Hittites’ forces, led by King Muwatli II within the city of Kadesh, located on The western bank of the Orontes River in Damascus. This battle took place in the... [Read More]

egyptian queen cleopatra

Queen, Cleopatra

Feb . 14 . 2022

Cleopatra, one of the most famous women in the world, you might know her from the famous play of William Shakespeare, or the various movies made with her name, narrating her epic love story with Antony. But what is the historical legend of... [Read More]

Queen, Nefertiti

Feb . 13 . 2022

Queen Nefertiti, the owner of the most famous bust in the world, an icon for beauty and one of the most prominent figures from ancient Egypt. Nefertiti was the Queen of Egypt in the 14th century BC, she was the wife of King Akhenaten, and here we... [Read More]

capital of egypt

Cairo, Egypt

Feb . 02 . 2022

The marvelous city that never sleeps, the city full of history, every part of it tells a different story, all blended together in one capital, Cairo, “the vanquisher.” Cairo is the capital of Egypt, its largest city, and one of the largest... [Read More]


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