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sharm el sheikh
Sharm El Sheikh

On the south edge of the Sinai Peninsula, lay down Sharm El Sheikh. A magical spot on the Red sea, 500 km far away from Cairo, where a population of 75000 is taking place, mainly working in the tourism field, as it's widely known by its beautiful beaches and resorts.

western desert of egypt
Farafra Oasis

Egypt is full of unique magical places that are so hard to find in other countries. Some are made thousands of years ago, and some are a gift from Mother Nature. Among these gifts are the Oases that lay in the vast desert of Egypt, with their natural springs and outstanding views. Egypt has more... [Read More]

tuna el gebel tomb
Tuna El-Gebel: The City of the dead

Once upon a time during the Ptolemaic and Roman Period in Ancient Egypt, there was a city called Hermoplis Magna or, as it was called Khnum, lays in the North-western boundary of Akhenaten's city Akhetaten. About 11 Km away from the city laid the largest cemetery of Greco-Roman Egypt, between 300... [Read More]

tell el amarna
Tell El Amarna

Tell El Amarna is the only Egyptian ancient city that preserved great details from its internal plan. Its name comes from the Beni Amran tribe that lived in the region, but the ancient name of the city was Akhetaten. The name of the city in ancient Egyptian meant “Horizon of the Aten,” the name... [Read More]

the grand egyptian museum
The New Grand Egyptian Museum

Egypt is always a country of greatness and big things. When we built the Egyptian museum in 1902, we made it the largest in the region, and when we wanted to upgrade, we created the Grand Egyptian Museum, the largest archaeological museum in the world. The Grand Egyptian museum “GEM” is... [Read More]