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covid 19
Covid-19 Outbreak

World Health Organization (WHO) had declared Covid-19 or Coronavirus as a world Pandemic after been hitting almost all the world. Due to this virus, traveling and tourism are suspended until further notice in a lot of countries, including Egypt. This virus is spreading violently, and we... [Read More]

aswan egypt

Aswan…the magical city that lay by the River Nile, at old times they believed that it was the source of the Nile. In ancient times it was called ”Swenett” after the ancient goddess, who was later identified by the Greeks as Eileithyia. Sewenett’s location was a high point of interest in the... [Read More]

luxor egypt
Luxor, Egypt

A city lays in the south of Egypt, with the Nile passing through, dividing the city into two halves, east, and west. Each bank has its magic and attraction. It was once the capital during the 18th Dynasty, and now it’s an open museum which is showing the great history of our ancestors, now... [Read More]

egyptian dishes
Egyptian Food; Some Peculiar But All Tasty

Food is a vital aspect of any country's culture; exploring the cuisine of a country is as important as exploring the country itself and its history. One of the most major Egyptians' pleasures is eating; we love food! As they say, people eat to live, but we live to eat. That's why Egyptian cuisine... [Read More]

mummification egypt

The Mummy, it’s known as famous Hollywood movies, which have wide popularity around the world, taking you into the underworld of mummies, as they come back to life and chase the main character and his company. These mummy movies are categorized as imaginary movies, but it still has some roots of... [Read More]