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Dahabiya Nile Cruise

From Where The Name “Dahabiya” Driven
Do you know what the word "Dahab" means? It means "Gold." When we want to express the value of anything, we use the word "Golden" like Golden days, Golden Memories, etc.
In Egypt, the sailing boats were known early as the first means of transportation for people living and depending on the River Nile. Firstly sailing boats were made from Papyrus shanks, and the small ones were made by making a hole in a tree trunk.

dahabiya sailing boat

What is the Shape of “Dahabiya”?

The shape of boats changes with time, and we knew the "Felucca," which is a small sailing boat pushed by the wind. Later on, the motorboat appeared; this one moves by an engine's mechanical power.
By the beginning of the 20th Century, another kind of boat appeared; it was the "Nile Cruise" a huge sailing hotel including many cabins or rooms, a restaurant, lounge bar, sun deck with a swimming pool, and many other facilities. And for sure the category of the ship varies between 4 or 5 stars according to these facilities.
Later, Egyptians thought about something new and attractive, melting together, the simplicity of the felucca and the majesty and luxury of a Nile cruise; this was the "Dahabiya" or the "Golden," the name expresses how precious is the stay on it.

what is the shape of dahabiya

The Size Of Dahabiya

Dahabiya is a kind of Nile cruise with a limited number of cabins – between 4 to 12 - it has no engines, but it's a sailing boat. Normally the 'Dahabiya" is very simply furnished but in a luxurious, comfortable, and majestic way.

size of dahabiya

What is the entertainment of Dahabiya?

Also, it usually has a lot of facilities like a restaurant, TV bar, a sun deck with a small pool or jacuzzi, air-conditioned cabins, lovely typical food, and one meal served on an island during sailing.
Like the Nile cruises, the Dahabiya sails from Luxor to Aswan in 5 to 7 nights – don't forget it's a sailing boat without engines – and always docks on the West Bank of the Nile. During this journey, guests visit the archeological sites between the 2 cities and enjoy a cozy private stay on the Dahabiya.
It is a different way of cruising the River Nile, enjoying the green sights by the 2 banks of the Nile with simplicity, luxury, and privacy.
Dahabiya is suitable for a family vacation, close friend trip, and even a small group that will become close friends after their stay on the 'Dahabiya."


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