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Konouz Factory For Replicas In Egypt

Konouz factory is the first factory for antiquities replicas in Egypt and the Middle East. The factory was inaugurated in March 2021 by Dr. Khaled El Enany, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities.

konouz factory for replicas

Where is the Konouz Factory?

The factory is located in Obour City, where more than 150 Egyptian Artists and trained, skilled makers work to produce high-quality replicas with the tag “Made in Egypt.” The Konouz factory is equipped with the latest technology to reach the highest level of accuracy in production.

What makes the Konouz factory important ?

The factory aims to protect the Egyptian cultural heritage and intellectual property rights; it will introduce the Egyptian industry to the world instead of importing them from foreign countries, especially that it is related to Egyptian history and culture.

what makes the konouz factory important

When was the Konouz factory inaugurated?

The Konouz factory was inaugurated in March, just before the remarkable Royal Parade in which 22 royal mummies were moved from The Egyptian Museum to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC). The museum was inaugurated on the same day and the products made in the factory will be available at the museum’s gift shop.

Why was the Konouz Factory Built ?

The factory idea was requested by the tourists themselves, as they will get to have souvenirs related to Egyptian culture with an Egyptian stamp. The factory will also manufacture for other museums in the world, not only for the hotels, bazaars, and gift shops in Egypt that proves the efficiency of the Egyptian workforce.

why was the konou factory built

What does the Konouz Factory produce?

Konouz factory aims to produce different products; during the trial operation, they produced around 6,400 pieces, from wood, ceramic, stone, metal, and some of the treasures of King Tut Ankh Amen; the most asked for.
The other good part of the factory is that it aims to preserve the environment and produce a recycling line, to utilize the waste in the manufacture of the artworks and paintings, which is a very good step.

what does the konouz factory produce

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