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Temple of Amada (Facts,History,Location and description)

Temple of Amada, a small temple yet the oldest monument around Lake Nasser and Nubia. It was one of the temples that were moved during the construction of the High Dam of Aswan. The reliefs of this temple are the best preserved in Nubia, as it was used as a church, the Christians plastered over them, which helped maintain the reliefs. You can visit this temple during your Lake Nasser Cruise.

amada temple

Where is the temple of Amada?

Amada temple was moved about 2.6 Km from its original location; it's 115 Km south of Aswan and 110 miles south of the High Dam.

History of Amada Temple; When and Why was the Temple of Amada built?

This Egyptian temple was built during the 18th dynasty in the New Kingdom by Thutmosis III and his son Amenophis II after him. It was built around 200 years before Abu Simbel Temple, which was also relocated. During the Amarna Period, King Akhenaten destroyed the name of the God Amun from the temple, who it was built in dedication to.

Akhenaten was the Egyptian Pharaoh who introduced monotheism to the Egyptians; he wanted them to neglect Amen's worship and worship God Aten only. He tried to erase Amun's name from many monuments and temples.

The Temple was dedicated to Amun-Re and Re-Harakhty, when King Seti I, the father of the Great Ramses II, came to the throne. He tried restoring Amada Temple and removing the traces of Akhenaten from it.

history of amada temple

Description of Amada Temple

The Temple of Amada is a small temple; consisting of a hypostyle hall with 12 pillars that leads to the chapel of Amun-Re, and right behind it lies the chapel of Re-Harakhty.

The inscriptions on the wall depict the victories of King Senusert made in the land of Nubia during his conquest campaigns. It also shows the victories of pharaohs from the 18th dynasty returning from conquests in Asia and campaigns in Libya.

description of amada temple

What to visit nearby Temple of Amada?

The Temple of Amada is near a town called Aniba; there exists the tomb of Pennut, who was the overseer of the province of Aniba at some point in history. You'll also find the temple of El-Derr, a small temple built by Ramses II and was also moved near Amada temple after the High Dam construction.

You can make all of these stops during the cruise of Lake Nasser, these temples are lightly visited most of the time, but they are totally worth a visit.


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