About Us

Who we are?

Our story with TOURISM began in the seventies of the 20th century when the President of our company who was still a college student decided to work in Tourism field.

Day by day his love for this profession became a PASSION, that’s why he decided to make use of his experience & his passion to invade the Egyptian tourism market on own way, he found his private Travel Agency to work on his own way and to guarantee a First class service to his guests. A travel agent dealing with Tour Operators around the world offering their clients very special service

classic tours in egypt
style life in egypt

Today, life run on “Internet” we decide to use our forty-years’ experience to take our share of this new style life, and launch our Online Site

“Tripidays” Egytours,

A site where we can connect directly with our customers, providing them a high-quality travel and holiday service to fulfill the needs and expectations of every guest

Tripidays is not only offering only a vast variety of programs, but also different categories of Hotel & Nile cruises, as well as the most comfortable transportation with best competitive prices.

We are not the only but we are completely different