You never get bored in Egypt, there’s always something to do. As it’s the mother of civilization, you can come here to learn about history, especially some cities like Luxor, is considered as an open museum.

It’s also known by its magnificent coastlines, where you can enjoy all kinds of water activities. You can enjoy snorkeling session in Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada, a free diving in the blue hole in Dahab is a breathtaking experience, also it’s where you can get a pro diving license.

However, we cannot ignore how beautiful the Egyptian desert is, and the healing power of its sand and springs.

A visit to Egypt is going to be full of knowledge, leisure and healing.


If you are a strong independent woman who travels alone or in group, you are not going to have any problems.

However, there’s some precautions should be considered to avoid any clash with the community.

It’s not recommended to walk alone in the streets late at night.

It’s better not to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts while having a tour in the old quarters and crowded areas.

If it happens to be attacked by any kind of harassment on the streets, don’t hesitate to raise your voice and let the people around you pay attention, and you’ll find someone to help you.

It’s not that hard to enjoy your trip safely in Egypt as a woman, just respect the community and it’ll respect you back.


In Cairo you’ll find so many historical Mosques, which you’ll find it open to tourists even if non Muslims.

However, there’s a dress code should be respected in such places.

For women, you should be covering your head with a scarf, and wear long pants and shirts. In some Mosques, a scarf and a long jacket are offered at entrance, that you can use during your visit, and giving it back at exit.

For men, it’s also important to wear long pants and avoid sleeveless shirts.


While in Egypt, it’s a good opportunity to know more about an era in the Egyptian history where Christianity was propagated.

This period had left us a lot of old Churches and Monasteries.

For Churches, it’s always open for tourists except at the prayers times, while the Monasteries could be closed for visitors at the time of fasting.

Though, there’s also a dress code that should be respected.

For women, long pants or skirts and a shirt that’s covering shoulders and upper arms.

For men, also long pants and avoid shorts and sleeveless t-shirts.


In Egypt, it’s not allowed to drink in public or in the streets. However you’ll find it served normally in the hotels and some touristic restaurants and casinos.

If you want to buy some beer or any alcoholic drink, you’ll not find it at any normal shop, there’s some specific shops that have the authorization of selling alcohol.

Also don’t expect to find it an option to order at any local restaurant.


If you are coming from the USA, there’s only one direct flight to Egypt, departs from New York City, JFK Airport, direct toward Cairo International Airport, operated by EgyptAir.

Otherwise, you’re going to have a flight with a connection.


It’s really common to give tips in Egypt, while in a restaurant or at the hotel a tip is so important, despite that you’ll find service charge on your bill, but you should know that it goes to the restaurant not to the waiter or the worker.

Although it’s not obligatory but it’s preferable to give tips when you are satisfied with the service given by: porter, driver, waiter, housekeeping, guide…

On average, tipping by 10% is normally fair enough.


You can use US Dollars, Euros and Sterling in Egypt directly in a lot of dealings, but it’s always better to exchange it to Egyptian Pound, it’s better.

You can use Credit cards in Egypt, it’s really common, but you should always keep some cash in your pocket that not all the shops and restaurants deal with cards, especially in the local restaurants.

If riding a Taxi, it’s always in cash.

You can also find a lot of ATM machines around you in most of the touristic sites and malls.


Egypt has a unique location, they once said it’s the heart of the world, it’s the point where Africa meets Asia, and Europe could be seen in the horizon.

A visit to Egypt could be accompanied by a several visits in Asia, like Jordan, Israel or Lebanon. Or maybe turn to Turkey or Greece in Europe. Egypt is in the middle of everything.


First of all you must check if you are a citizen of an eligible country for visa to Egypt.

Eligible countries for visa to Egypt

Citizens of these countries are allowed to visit Egypt without visa for 3 months (unless otherwise noted):

  • Bahrain
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Hong Kong
  • Macao
  • Malaysia (14 days)
  • Lebanon

Only if arrival is at Borg el Arab, Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh Airports (on Charter Flight)

Also, visa-free regime applies to the citizens of the following countries under certain conditions:

  • Afghanistan – provided being aged 50 years and above or 16 years and below.
  • Algeria – provided being aged 14 years and below.
  • China – provided holding a return/onward ticket, a hotel reservation confirmation in a 4 or 5 star rating hotels and an equivalent of USD 2000.
  • Libya – provided being a female national or for residents of Butnan District on Sundays and Mondays.
  • Jordan – if holding a normal 5-year passport, provided passport does not contain a stamp from the Jordanian Registration Office on the reverse side cover of the passport (on page 60).
  • Lebanon – provided being aged 50 years and above or 16 years and below (for all Egypt), visa not required for Alexandria and South Sinai (for all ages).
  • Morocco – provided being aged 14 years and below.
  • Sudan – provided being aged 50 years and above or 16 years and below or being a female national.
  • South Sudan – provided being aged 50 years and above or 16 years and below or being a female national.
  • Tunisia – provided being aged 14 years and below.
  • Yemen – provided being aged 50 years and above or 16 years and below or traveling for medical reasons.
  • Travel document issued by Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria to female Palestinian or to male Palestinian who are older than 40 years or younger than 18 years.

For permit to enter Sinai:

Sinai resorts permission stamp

For Transit, there are 6 countries which need Transit visa:

Transit without a visa

Citizens of some countries need approval From Egyptian authorities in their countries in addition to the visa:


For Special passports: Diplomatic, service…..

Visa exemption for non-ordinary passports