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Best Small Group Tours Packages Of Egypt 2023/2024

Tripidays Egypt Tours is offering you the best Egypt small group tours packages with affordable prices to match your ability and give you the best memories. If you’re looking for a family trip or you're a group of women who need to relax & have some fun or even if you're a group of young people seeking for an adventure, then you're on the right path.

Our small group tours can match all your needs, if you want to get on the tourist mood then pack your bags and get on one of our unique Nile Cruises and have the best tour in our luxurious city Luxor guided by one of our best guides who will get you more in the tourist mood by giving you the history of each place. But if you want to travel to a city with less movement but more memories then Alexandria is your answer, it's where you'll have all the fun from the Montaza , Alexandria's most famous Bibliotheca and many more places to visit and have some memorable photos. We promise to give you the best Group trip of your life and all the fun you are seeking for.

5 Days Egypt Group Tour Package - Cairo Pyramids & Alexandria

This trip is a quick journey to Egypt’s top 2 destinations. A 5 days/ 4 night’s trip that has Egypt all-inclusive packages start with Cairo, the current capital, full of history from different... [Read More]

  • Start From 905
  • 5 Days

6 Days Egypt Small Group Tour Cairo, Aswan & Luxor With Nile Cruise

An Egypt luxury tour on a Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor starting from Cairo. You are going to enjoy a unique accommodation while visiting all the historical sites of these two cities. This trip is... [Read More]

  • Start From 1015
  • 6 Days

8 Days Best Small Group Tour Of Egypt (Cairo, Luxor & Aswan With Nile Cruise

The trip of perfect length just to witness enough of Egypt’s greatness, starting from the capital, then flying to Luxor. You’ll have a Nile cruise to Aswan, exploring the history that lies in... [Read More]

  • Start From 1185
  • 8 Days

8 Days Cheap Group Tour of Egypt (Cairo, Luxor, Aswan & Abu Simbel)

A trip that will make you amazed in every way. From seeing one of the Seven Wonders of the World to the temple that is aligned with the sun to serve its purpose. The Pharaohs never failed to blow our... [Read More]

  • Start From 1390
  • 8 Days

9 Days Luxury Small Group Package to Egypt (Cairo, Luxor & Aswan Nile Cruise)

A vacation of a perfect length to explore the most ancient and historical sites in Egypt. You’ll start with a two days city-tour in Cairo the capital, then flying to Luxor to cruise all the... [Read More]

  • Start From 1475
  • 9 Days

10 Days Egypt Escorted Tour Package Cairo, Luxor Nile Cruise & Alexandria

This is the kind of Easter tour where you can explore a big part of Egypt. An Easter trip in Egypt that includes visiting 4 of its most iconic cities in 10 days so you can explore their iconic... [Read More]

  • Start From 2290
  • 10 Days

11 Days Luxury Egypt Group Tour (Cairo, Luxor & Aswan) Dahabiya Nile Cruise

A one of a lifetime luxurious experience on the “Dahabiya” Nile cruise, sailing through history from Luxor to Aswan.After three full days of exploring the beauty of Cairo with its history.

  • Start From 2415
  • 11 Days

12 Days Small Group Egypt Tour Nile Cruise (Cairo, Aswan, Luxor & Sharm El Sheikh)

Feel the energy while visiting Egypt with all its vibes; it's where everything had started. You can find everything you wish for in such a country, from history to leisure. Start in Cairo,... [Read More]

  • Start From 1915
  • 12 Days
Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, joining a group for tours in Egypt is cheaper than being alone as the expenses of transportation will be divided by the number of participants in the group. And to enjoy all visits in Egypt it’s better to choose a small group to have a good price for your tour without missing your own privacy.

Group Tours are usually offered by Travel agents in Egypt. Normally individual travelers can join a group when on the Nile Cruise. Sometimes the local Tour organizer can join individuals together to create small groups in sightseeing.

A group is a number of travelers or persons who travel together to the same destination and follow the same program. A group can be a small one of about 6 to 15 persons or a big group till 50 persons.

The group package tour is a program offered by the tour operator or the Travel Agency including accommodation, land services, transportation and visits. Travelers choose the package according to their budget and to the options included in it.

Egypt is one of safest countries where anyone can tour either alone or in a group.

Egypt has been a tourist destination for centuries, and Egyptians are used not only to see tourists everywhere in Egypt but also to help them to enjoy their stay in the country, so they can come back and recommend others to visit Egypt. So if you are alone or a part of a tourist group you can go safely anywhere in Egypt.


Jan . 31 . 2023

Ancient Egypt got many famous Pharaohs, some of them their fame goes back to the battles they went through and the lands they conquered, and others for no reason but being lucky that their tomb... [Read More]

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Ramses III, the second Pharaoh from the 20th dynasty, reigned from 1187 to 1156 BCE. Don’t confuse him with Ramses the Great, who is Ramses II, who was probably a great grandfather to Ramses III.... [Read More]

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Menes, the unifier of Egypt, the first King who created the first dynasty, the one who changed the course of the Nile in Lower Egypt and created the ancient capital Memphis. He is the legendary King... [Read More]

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Khufu, or Cheops like the Greeks called him, was the second ancient Egyptian Pharaoh of the 4th dynasty. He is the builder of the largest of the three pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of... [Read More]