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Best Egypt Safari Tours & Desert Trips Deals

Egypt is a land of ancient wonders and captivating history, but it also harbors a hidden treasure trove of thrilling safari adventures and desert escapades. Egypt safari tours are gaining popularity among travelers seeking a different kind of experience in this remarkable country. Here's why you should choose our safari tours: what awaits you in the diverse landscapes of Egypt and the voices of satisfied adventurers who have embarked on this unforgettable journey.

Why Choose Our Safari Tours?

  • Diverse Landscapes: Egypt's rich tapestry of landscapes, from the expansive Sahara Desert to the pristine Red Sea coast, provides an ideal canvas for safari adventures. Whether you seek rugged challenges or leisurely explorations, our safari tours cater to all preferences.
  • Accessible Adventure: Our family tours are designed to be accessible to all, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy every moment of the journey.
  • Unique Destinations: Explore captivating destinations like the White Desert, known for its surreal white rock formations and unparalleled stargazing opportunities. Discover the Wadi El Gemal National Park, a coastal haven teeming with diverse wildlife and pristine beaches. Traverse the untamed Western Desert, where dramatic natural wonders and thrilling desert experiences await.

What Awaits You!

  • White Desert: Encounter the otherworldly beauty of the White Desert, where vast white rock formations contrast against endless dunes. Witness desert foxes, hyenas, and the elusive desert hedgehog. Under the pristine night skies, indulge in stargazing like never before.
  • Wadi El Gemal National Park: Located on the Red Sea coast, this protected area is a sanctuary for sea turtles, dolphins, and a myriad of bird species. Dive into thrilling activities like hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling, or relax on stunning beaches and explore vibrant coral reefs.
  • Western Desert: For the adventurous soul, Egypt's Western Desert beckons. Traverse rugged landscapes, including the renowned Great Sand Sea, by 4x4, camel, or on foot. Camp under a blanket of stars, immersing yourself in the desert's mystique.

In conclusion, our safari tours and desert trips offer an exceptional opportunity to uncover Egypt's wild side. With diverse destinations, there is a safari adventure suited for every traveler. Incorporate an Egypt safari tour into your itinerary and prepare for an adventure that will leave you with cherished memories and stories to share for a lifetime.

8 Days Desert Safari Trip in Egypt (Cairo, Bahariya, White & Western Desert)

Snow is cool and all, but have you tried sand? An Exceptional adventure in the vast desert of Egypt, something like camping but in the desert. It is a unique experience where you get to ride a camel... [Read More]

  • Start From 1655
  • 8 Days

8 Days Egypt White Desert Safari Tour (Cairo, Bahariya, Dakhla, Kharaga & Luxor)

A special trip for all the adventure seekers. A trip that includes surfing between the Oasis of Egypt, in and out, black and white, exploring their special attractions and Mother Nature gifts.... [Read More]

  • Start From 1560
  • 8 Days

11 Days Safari Egypt Travel (Cairo, Alexandria, Siwa, Bahariya, White Desert)

A special trip to explore the western desert in Egypt with some of its Oasis, you’ll face different cultures and lots of history. First, you’ll start with Cairo then Alexandria to have a glimpse... [Read More]

  • Start From 2120
  • 11 Days
Frequently Asked Questions

If you check Egypt’s map, you will realize that more than 90% of its land is desertic, and the great part of it is on the west side of the Nile. In this part of the western desert there are many famous Oasis that can be very interesting spots for Safari. Ex: Bahariya Oasis, Kharga, Dakhla and Siwa. On the Asian side of Egypt, there is the Sinai desert, where the nature and desert are seductive, and Safari there is a unique experience

If you are searching for the price of a safari in the White desert, just click on this link and you will find several prices for a great variety of tours.


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