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Egypt Adventures Tours Packages 2022/2023

“Life is either a daring Adventure or Nothing.” Helen Keller

Do not continue reading if you are not an adventurer, but this is the right place if you are. Traveling is an adventure; traveling to Egypt is a breathtaking adventure, and the Egypt Desert is the most memorable adventure.

Once, the Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu said: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This step is to click right now on “Tripidays Adventure Packages.” And choose the package you like more, and let us make your dream an unforgettable reality.

8 Days Egypt Adventure Tour Cairo, Bahareya, White & Western Desert

A unique experience in the middle of the desert. You’ll enjoy the Mother Nature gifts for us while riding a camel. An adventure that’s going to let you experience how to live as a nomad.

  • Start From 1655
  • 8 Days

8 Days Egypt Desert Adventure Tours Cairo, Bahariya, Dakhla, Kharga & Luxor

If you are an adventure seeker, this trip is for you, a tour into the Egyptian desert, taking you between some of its Oasis. Enjoy camping under a pure sky, and try the nomad life. Then... [Read More]

  • Start From 1615
  • 8 Days

11 Days Private Adventure Tour in Egypt Cairo, Alexandria, Siwa & White Desert

The western desert in Egypt is full of Oases that will give you a unique experience in the middle of the desert. Starting from Cairo passing by Alexandria with all their greatness, you'll have a big... [Read More]

  • Start From 2030
  • 11 Days
Frequently Asked Questions

Egypt has all in one. In this country, you can find all the activities you can imagine.

There is Diving, Snorkeling, Water Surfing, and Sky Diving in Red Sea shores like Sharm Sheikh, Hurghada, Dahab & Nuweiba. Also, Climbing Moses Mount at St. Catherine, doing Safari, and Camping in the vast desert by the two sides of the Nile.


Aug . 08 . 2022

On July 15th, 2022, and during the excavation led by the Archaeological Mission of the Czech Institute for Egyptology – Charles University, the mission discovered the tomb of an important person... [Read More]

Jul . 04 . 2022

On June 13th, 2022, the Egyptian German archeological mission, working in Matarya ``Heliopolis," discovered some granite blocks from Cheops Sun Temple. They also discovered a temple's foundations... [Read More]

Jun . 19 . 2022

On the east shore of Egypt, a beautiful city is located in the Red Sea Governorate, Hurghada, the best destination for relaxing on the beach vacation. While overviewing the Hurghada map, notice its... [Read More]

Jun . 06 . 2022

Do you know what the word "Dahab" means? It means "Gold." When we want to express the value of anything, we use the word "Golden" like Golden days, Golden Memories, etc. In Egypt, the sailing boats... [Read More]

May . 29 . 2022

The Nile is the essence of life in Egypt; it is where the civilization began, evolved, and will ever last. The Nile River is not only a cradle of civilization, but it was a major way of... [Read More]