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What is the best time to visit egypt?

Every year tourists come to Egypt from all over the world to witness the Pharaohs' greatness they have always heard about, with their own eyes. Egypt is considered a top touristic attraction; it is a country that is full of history from different eras, besides the unique location that makes it surrounded by the Red Sea from one side and the Mediterranean Sea from the top.

Weather in egypt

Egypt is known for its magical weather that is considered one of its attractions; it's a country with outstanding weather all year long. If you wonder what is the best time of the year to visit Egypt? It would depend on your preference so that you can have an idea about the weather in Egypt then you pick the perfect time for you.

weather in egypt

Best nile cruise in egypt;What is the best time of year to do a Nile cruise?

If you prefer the cold weather, then the best time for you to visit Egypt is from October to April, it is warm in the morning and cold at night. This is the best time to enjoy a Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan, as Upper Egypt tend to have hotter weather, so Winter and Spring are the perfect seasons for it. But be careful as from October to December is the peak in Egypt's tourism, so it is the year's busiest time.

nile cruise in egypt

When should I go to the Red Sea in Egypt?

If you prefer the hot weather, then book your trip between June and September, it is the best time to visit the Red Sea beach and enjoy swimming. This weather makes the sea perfect for snorkeling and Scuba diving. Be careful as this is the summer peck in Egypt, and it will be busy with tourists from outside and inside Egypt.

red sea in egypt

What is the climate of the western desert of Egypt?

If you are looking for the perfect time to visit the vast Western Desert in Egypt, look for a trip between September and November. Avoid going in summer as the weather will be extremely hot, and in the spring, the wind will be harsh.

climate of western desert

weather in cairo

Regarding the weather in Cairo, the capital, it is mostly moderate all year long. Still, the city's attractions tend to be busier at the beginning of winter between October and December.

Weather in alexandria

Alexandria's weather is better in summer, but it is hectic. It is cold and usually rains in the winter, but it could be the perfect weather for some people.
The weather in Egypt ranges from around 37C to 14C, which is considered a very moderate range all year long. Just decide which part you want to visit in Egypt and what you want to do, then pick the perfect time.

weather in alexandria

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