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2020 . Jun . 22

Covid-19 Outbreak

Until The Next Take-off

World Health Organization (WHO) had declared Covid-19 or Coronavirus as a world Pandemic after been hitting almost all the world.

Due to this virus, traveling and tourism are suspended until further notice in a lot of countries, including Egypt.

This virus is spreading violently, and we should take all precautions to be safe.

But first, we should understand what Coronavirus or Covid-19 is?

This virus is from the family of SARS, and MERS viruses originated in the Wahan city, China. And it attacks the respiratory system, which could cause lungs failure in some cases leading to death.

covid 19

The world measures and precautions

To contain the spread, people should stay away from each other, and that will be realized if everyone stayed at home.

Daily life activities had been suspended, a lot of employees are now working from home, sports activities had been postponed or even canceled.

Some countries had announced a total lockdown, and traveling is banned between countries to contain the spread.

covid 19 in egypt

Covid-19 in Egypt

Egypt is seriously taking the coronavirus; the government had announced several decisions and precautions to contain the virus and to keep everyone safe.

All airports had been closed, except for some exceptional flights to bring back the Egyptians stuck abroad.

A curfew had been announced during night hours till 6 am, all cafes and restaurants are closed, only delivery available.

The government also had taken advantage of this tourism lockdown to disinfect all the historical sites, museums and hotels, to make sure they will be safe to accept visitors again when tourism is back on track.

We all want to travel and spend good days; we can’t wait until we are on a flight, and it’s taking off to a new destination as we used to do.

And we should all be hopeful that we all together can overcome this crisis. Still, we should act like grownups and take the responsibility seriously to have our life back again, and flights back in the air.

What should we do?

Apart now, united later

This virus needs a human body to live, reproduce and propagate; don’t let your body be a part of this chain, so the first and most important precaution is ‘stay home’ as much as you can.

If you have to go outside, so be so careful, wear a face mask and keep your hand away from your face. And keep a safe distance between you and the nearest person to you, keep your social distance.

Always keep your hands clean, and have a disinfectant with you all the time; make sure to wash your hands periodically with soap and water for at least 30 seconds.

Avoid any gatherings, even if it’s a family one, it’s hard not to see our beloved ones, but we should act selfless, and keep everyone safe.

Avoid check-hands, hugs, and kisses, for now, it’s the fastest way to be infected.

To overcome this crisis we should know that we are all on the same side, and we should all act seriously, don’t underestimate it, we can have our lives back as soon as possible if we all acted responsibly.

Always keep in mind all medical staff who are facing this virus in the front lines, and help them by keeping yourself safe.

“Stay Home, Stay Safe”

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