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Temples Of Egypt

The ancient Egyptians were very keen on religion, even when they built the Egyptian Temples, their main purpose was religion, but that wasn't their only intention. The Egyptian temples were built to worship Gods, commemorate Pharaohs, and declare the reign under Egypt's control. They were considered the houses of Gods and Pharaohs, and not anyone was allowed to go inside these sacred temples.

Temple meant in ancient Egyptian "Mansion of a God," as the Egyptian temples were built for the official worship of Gods. Still, not all the Gods had their own temple, as some were just involved in magical or private religious practices. These temples were built on the East side of the Nile and were called "Divine Temples."

In the Egyptian Creation Myth, the first temple was built as a shelter for a God and the God in the myth differed from one place to another around Egypt. Rituals made inside the temple were offerings to the Egyptian deities to uphold the maat, which is the universe's divine order.

Another kind of temple was built on the West side of the Nile and was called "Mortuary Temple." Egyptian Pharaohs built their mortuary temples often linked to their tombs to sustain their spirits in the afterlife by the offerings made in the temple. Actually, the temples weren't built this way at the beginning during prehistoric Egypt. In the late fourth millennium BC the first shrine ever known was made; they used then wood, reed matting, and mud brick.

By the time the design and construction of the temples evolved as well as its importance, in the Old Kingdom, king Sneferu started linking the pyramidal tomb at the foot of the temple. During the Middle Kingdom, there was expanding use of stone in the construction of the buildings. Then in the new Kingdom, the influence of the temples increased, as it was the center of economic activity.

Beit El-Wali

Jan . 23 . 2022

The Great Ramses II was one of the greatest builders in ancient Egypt; he was also famous for his battles to conquer lands. During his reign, he wanted to control Nubia, so he built a series of temples on the Nubian lands. One of these temples was... [Read More]

Temple of Amada

Jan . 13 . 2022

Temple of Amada, a small temple yet the oldest monument around Lake Nasser and Nubia. It was one of the temples that were moved during the construction of the High Dam of Aswan. The reliefs of this temple are the best preserved in Nubia, as it was... [Read More]

Temple of Kalabsha

Jun . 29 . 2021

Temple of Kalabsha, a Nubian temple named after the village of Kalabsha that was called Bab Al Kalabsha (Kalabsha Gate). That was the temple's original location, about 50 Km south of Aswan; the temple was moved to a different location, 20 Km south... [Read More]

Luxor Temple

Jun . 22 . 2021

In the heart of the ancient city of Thebes, or as the ancient Egyptians called it, Waset, you'll find one of the most impressive temples that the Pharaohs left for us, the Luxor temple. The temple was known by the Egyptians with Ipet resyt, meaning... [Read More]

Medinet Habu Temple

Mar . 29 . 2021

At Western Thebes in Upper Egypt, you'll find Madinet Habu that was known as Djanet, where, as believed, God Amen first appeared; Ramses III built his magnificent memorial Temple. This place was the center of Thebes' economic life for centuries,... [Read More]

Dendera Temple

Mar . 28 . 2021

Dendera Complex, where it used to be an important religious center in ancient Egypt, embraces three sanctuaries of Horus, his son Ihy and his wife Hathor; only the last survived till our days. Dendera used to be called Tentyris in ancient times.

Kom Ombo Temple

Mar . 01 . 2021

During the Ptolemaic period in Ancient Egypt, the town of Ombos was very important then, having a prime position along the Nile between the Nubian trade routes and the gold mines in the eastern desert. Ombos was the capital of the Ombite nome during... [Read More]

Abydos Temple

Feb . 27 . 2021

Abydos is one of the oldest and most important burial centers in ancient Egypt; it was considered a place for pilgrimage for the ancient Egyptians, as it is associated with the afterlife. The city of Abydos is wrapped in mystery, and there is still... [Read More]

Edfu Temple

Feb . 20 . 2021

Once upon a time, a powerful God named Horus wanted to avenge his father's death, Osiris, who was killed by his brother, Seth. We all heard the famous story of the god Horus; after killing his uncle, he became the ruler of the world. Where Is... [Read More]


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