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Is It Safe For American To Travel To Egypt Pyramids

It's evident that before heading to any destination, you should consider safety travel tips first, beside searching for things to do. You just want to spend a sweet lovely vacation with your friends and family, without any disturbance or harm.

While Egypt is a likely destination for so many Americans travelers, it's certainly a worthy question to ask and search for an answer for it: is Egypt Safe to travel to?

To answer this question, we should first know what's the danger that could be facing any tourist, either American or from different nationality, while wandering around in any country.

You probably wonder while searching for things to do in Egypt, if it was safe or not, but what kind of dangerous do you expect to face?

Mainly the danger will be focused on terrorism, as it's escalating all around the world. And Egypt has been stereotyped as being dangerous just because it's located in the middle of a hot area.

is egypt safe to go

Safety and Security Travel Guides To Egypt

To be honest, Egypt was facing post-revolution security and safety problems after the 2011 events. Though, the country had recovered quickly and retook control to set order and safety. Since 2016, Egypt's tourism has been growing increasingly with a high rate that it's now considered one of North Africa and the Middle East's best tourist destinations.

In fact, Egypt is facing terrorism, but just like any European or Asian country; unfortunately, terrorism is everywhere now, not bordered within a certain area or region.

What Places To Avoid?

Mainly nowhere to avoid, except for the north side of the Sinai Peninsula and the western desert near the Libyan borders. Due to the unfortunate events that occur in Libya, it's not safe to get near these borders for the meanwhile. For instance, this area is totally controlled by the Police and Military to resist any possible danger, so it's better to let them do their work.
While at North Sinai, it's quite the same; however, Middle and South Sinai are incredibly safe, nothing to fear about Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, St Catherine monastery, and Mount Sinai.
Beside this place, the rest of Egypt is safe, You can start making your things-to-do list around Egypt with no worries. Including all the top destinations of Egypt, Cairo, the Cruise on the Nile River and Upper Egypt.

Is It safe To Walk Around Egypt's Streets?

Definitely, it's a not-to-miss experience, especially in the small towns and cities, like Luxor , Aswan , Nubian Village, and more. You'll be in direct contact with the pure Egyptian culture, which's based on hospitality, generosity, and smiley faces.

These places are considered top tourist cities in Egypt, you’ll find tourist police everywhere, so it is totally safe for the US Citizens and tourists in general. And there are many things to do and see in these places. Do not miss them during your tours in Egypt.

Only, while in Cairo, you should be a little bit more careful in crowded areas, to be sure that your trip is going smoothly without any obstacles and avoiding pickpockets.

Tourist Police

It's quite normal to see a police patrol or checkpoints almost everywhere you go throughout Cairo in particular. And it's not something to make you fear or give you the impression that danger is close; it's quite the opposite.

After the 2011 revolution, Egyptians suffered from security absence for a while; that's why it's more reassuring to locals seeing Police in their streets, that’s the normal thing to do for the police.

Meanwhile, at the tourist sites, there's a specialized Police force with a Tourism Police badge. They are dedicated only to secure these sites and take care of your safety as a tourist. They are here to help and make sure you feel safe during your tour, don't hesitate to contact them if you need any help, or advice.

In general, Egypt is Safe and Secure. If you're planning for a trip to Egypt, keep in mind that safety is not an issue. Just follow the needed travel restriction, get yourself travel insurance just in case, secure your packages and have your passport with you.

All you need is to follow the normal travel tips and travel restrictions before you travel, keep the things you want to do in mind, you don’t need to go an extra mile for your safety. Egypt is a safe place for tourists from the United States and other countries.

It's time to visit the motherland of Civilization and witness its Greatness.

Travel To Cairo To See The Pyramids?

Cairo is Egypt's capital, it's a wide city with a population of more than 20 million, so it's a little bit crowded. Though it's not a dangerous act to visit Cairo and walk on the streets, it's better to avoid crowded spots or visit it with a local tour guide. While at Cairo's tourist sites, it's totally safe to visit, walk around, and enjoy your time. Tourist Police is securing and making sure your tour is going smoothly.

The Great Pyramids of Giza is definitely the world's iconic Monument that attracts so many tourists from all around the world and US citizens in particular because we know their passion with the ancient Egyption history. It is usually on the top of their things to do in Egypt list.No wonder these significant mega structures are still keeping mysteries and secrets. Egyptologists and Archaeologists even don't know a lot about these Great Pyramids Of Giza.

A lot of theories about how they were built, but still no approved evidence. Which had led some people to go further into imagination and claim aliens made it. Funny, isn't it? However, to visit the Pyramids Of Giza, you should make sure it will be a safe tour, and that's what we are going to explain through this article and tell you some travel tips.

Traveling To Egypt Pyramids Are Completely Safe

This Is Certain, No Need To Worry While In Egypt.

Egypt's crime rate is generally low, and it's not a risk at all to be in Egypt. Though, Police patrols and officers are all around you, especially at the tourist sites. Hence terrorism is a global spreading danger; Egypt could be stereotyped as a dangerous country due to its location in the Middle East, which is hugely far from the truth.

To make sure you get the full right image, let's be honest. It could not be that safe at North Sinai, as Police, special forces, and the Military are fighting against some terrorists sneaking from borders. However, South Sinai is safe and secured.

Are The Pyramids in Egypt Safe To Visit?

The Pyramids Of Giza complex is one of the most visited sites worldwide. Therefore, it's highly secured and controlled by the Tourist Police. You should not worry about safety while witnessing this Greatness. Though, it would be best if you took care of some street vendors who try to sell you souvenirs aggressively. However, it's easy to avoid them by booking your Great Pyramids Of Giza Tour by Tripidays and our local tour guides.

As an American coming from the United States or a tourist from another country, you don’t have to worry. Just follow our guide and the usually travel tips, make sure your passport is in a safe package. Listen to the advice of your tour guides, they know better. And enjoy your time.

The Pyramids Of Giza are one of the seven ancient wonders of the world; they should be on your bucket list; it's easy, safe, secured, and worth it.

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